“The holy Christian Church, whose only Head is Christ, is born of the Word of God, abides in the same, and does not listen to the voice of a stranger.” – Ten Theses of Berne (Jan 6, 1528)

Christians have been made alive by the Word of God (1 Pet 1:23), and are called to grow in holiness; into Christlikeness by studying the all sufficient Word of God (John 17:17, Rom 12:2, Col 3:10). The church is formed and reformed by the Word and thus, Christians since the earliest times have always gathered together in communities to listen, read, memorize and give themselves to the corporate study of God’s Word. Prior to the invention of the printing press in 1450, and the publication and sale of personal Bibles over the last 500 years, the idea of private study would have been unheard of. Every Tuesday night, we gather together to study God’s Word in community because God’s speaks to us through His Word and transforms his people as we see his glory displayed in His Word and commune with Him.


During the first hour, we spend our time studying one book of the Bible verse-by-verse. Our goal during this time is to draw out the correct meaning of the text and rightly apply it to our daily lives, which is also known as the the Inductive Bible Study Method (Observation, Interpretation, and Application). During the second hour, we conclude our time with a fellowship meal together. 


If you have questions or need directions, please contact us at: info@gracesharjah.com