At Grace Baptist Church, we believe that men who are committed to Christ are essential to the strength and stability of a church to rightly display the glory of God to the watching world. Therefore, Grace Men's Ministry exists to equip our saints to be men who pursue Christ, sharpen one another with the truth, and grow in biblical leadership through gospel-centered relationships with other men.


One way for men to grow alongside other men in our church body is to attend our Men’s Study. The Men’s Study exists to develop biblically-grounded men of faith who:

  • Rightly handle and apply God's Word to their daily lives.
  • Teach the Scriptures at home and in the church.
  • Lead their families and grow in leadership in the church.
  • Proclaim the gospel to men in our community.
  • Pray and encourage other men to be accountable to God’s Word.


Here are other ways that men at Grace Baptist Church can sharpen and disciple one another: 

  • Read the Bible or a good Christian book with other brothers. 
  • Invite younger men over for dinner and fellowship. 
  • Look for opportunities to lead by example while serving in a ministry. 
  • Meet other brothers on a regular basis for prayer and accountability.
  • Attend future Grace Men's Outings or Fellowship Meals.  


If you have any questions, please contact Samson Thomas at: