Anand - Elder Page


Anand Samuel


Anand came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in the Middle East during his teenage years. He and his wife Priya moved to the UAE in 2002 where they had their three boys, Rohan, Aryan and Daven.


Anand completed his Pastoral Internship at the Evangelical Christian Church of Dubai in 2010 and was then called to serve as an elder. He later served on staff as an Associate Pastor where he oversaw their Discipleship Initiatives and Pastoral Internship Program. In 2013, ECCD sent Anand out to plant and pastor Grace Baptist Church. Anand received his MA in Biblical and Theological Studies from Knox Theological Seminary, FL.


Alex - Elder Page


Alex Cruz

Alex grew up in a Christian home and served in the church at an early age but only came to saving faith during his teenage years when he heard preaching about man's total depravity and God's sovereign grace. He worked as an accountant while serving as an elder in the Philippines for 14 years before deciding to move to the UAE for work in 2010.


Alex joined Grace Baptist Church in April 2015 and serves our body through teaching and discipleship.  He is married to Mildred and is blessed with two daughters, Michaela and Jessica.

Samson - Staff Page


Samson Thomas


Samson was raised in a Christian home and came to a true saving faith while he was in his teens. He moved to the UAE for an internship at the Evangelical Christian Church of Dubai in 2013. There his foundations of Christian life and ministry philosophy were shaped and refined.


After his internship, he desired to continue serving in a church where he could be further trained, so Samson came to Grace Baptist Church in August 2014. In May 2015, he became a Pastoral Assistant and was later voted to serve as a pastor in 2018. He is married to Pushpa and blessed with three children, Judith, Zoey and Jeremy.

Will - Elder Page


Will Drake


Will was raised in a Christian home and trusted in the gospel at the age of seven when his Dad explained Jesus' parable of the broad and narrow path. Many years later, Will met his beautiful wife Maria while they both served in a ministry for students at The University of Alabama.


In 2011, Will and Maria moved to Louisville, KY so that Will could pursue a Masters of Divinity from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. One degree and three children later (Emeth, Eliana, and Aliza), God opened the door for Will to join staff at Grace Baptist Church in 2018.