Every Member Ministry 

Under the new covenant, Jesus Christ purchased every Christian to be a priest to the living God (Rev 5:9-10). Therefore, every Christian is equal partakers of grace as a "priesthood of all believers". There is no special class of Christian, which is why every member has a vital ministry to their local church and to the watching world (Eph 4:11-16). We encourage every member at Grace Evangelical Church to look for opportunities to serve one another and the community around us. Examples of every-member ministry include:

  • Studying the Bible with another member or visitor.
  • Meeting up to read a good Christian book.
  • Inviting members or visitors over for a meal. 
  • Visiting someone in the hospital.
  • Knowing and meeting the needs of others.
  • Calling or messaging someone to see how they are doing.
  • Using the membership directory to pray for the body.  
  • Meeting together to pray for another and keep one another accountable. 

Serve Our Friday Gathering

In addition to the opportunities we have to serve one another throughout the week, we also have the privilege to serve one another as we gather every Friday morning. If you are a member at Grace Evangelical Church, here are numerous ways you can serve the body on Friday.

Music Team 

Vision. To shepherd and support congregational singing on Friday mornings through skilled musicianship and hospitable leadership.

Responsibilities. The responsibilities of this ministry include:

  • Practicing together at least once throughout the week.
  • Printing out song sheets and bringing them on Friday.
  • Coming early to practice on Friday morning.
  • Singing and playing musically instruments with skill.
  • Humbly leading the congregation to sing praise to God.


Sound Team 

Vision. To effectively enhance, complement and facilitate the singing, reading, praying and proclamation of the Word of God by making wise use of the audio-visual technology, in a manner that is pleasing to God. 

Responsibilities. The responsibilities of this ministry include:

  • Setting up the sound equipment before Grace Foundations.
  • Testing all the equipment ensuring it functions properly.
  • Working the sound board during the service. 
  • Packing up all the sound equipment after the service. 


Welcome Team 

Vision. As ambassadors of the Lord Jesus Christ we at the Welcome and Ushering Team will ensure that Grace Church Friday gathering is both edifying and evangelistic. 

Responsibilities. The responsibilities of this ministry include:

  • Setting up the Welcome and Ushering table.
  • Greeting everyone at the door with a bulletin. 
  • Welcoming newcomers with a Welcome Card. 
  • Ushering visitors to open seats.
  • Directing visitors to any activities after the service. 


Set-up Team 

Vision. To serve the body at Grace Evangelical Church by making sure everything is ready to go before our Friday service begins.

Responsibilities. The responsibilities of this ministry include:

  • Unloading the equipment from the car.
  • Setting up the Welcome signs.
  • Putting together the Welcome and Ushering Table.
  • Setting up the mic and music stands.
  • Packing up all the equipment after the service.


Grace Kids (0-11 yrs old) 

Vision. Grace Kids exists to partner with parents in raising up children in the training and instruction of the Lord Jesus Christ; through gospel focused, Bible based, age appropriate teaching and care. It is our desire to see our children come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and to grow in the faith.

Responsibilities. The responsibilities of this ministry include:

  • Serving in Grace Kids at least once/month.
  • Facilitating and serving at the sign-in desk.
  • Teaching and leading the activities during Grace Foundations. 
  • Watching Grace Kids 0-4 yrs old during the Worship Service.
  • Praying and coming ready to share the gospel with our Grace Kids.

Requirements. The requirements to serve in this ministry include:


Grace Youth (12-18 yrs old)

Vision. Grace Youth exists to spread the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ to bring about the obedience of faith for the sake of God's glory among all generations from all nations by: 1) equipping the saints to engage the next generation with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, and 2) providing a regular and ongoing avenue for the church to partner with parents as we together train the next generation to rightly handle God's Word, treasure Christ, and live to spread His infinite worth.

Responsibilities. The responsibilities of this ministry include:

  • Helping with any necessary set-up or food coordination. 
  • Getting to know the parents and youth in attendance.
  • Engaging in spiritual conversations with youth.
  • Leading break-out discussions for the youth and for the parents.
  • Engaging in ongoing relationships with the youth and their parents on Friday mornings and throughout the week.

Requirements. The requirements to serve in this ministry include:



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